Edge of the Couch

Showing Up When You Don’t Feel Your Best

March 15, 2023 Jordan Pickell and Alison McCleary Season 5 Episode 1
Edge of the Couch
Showing Up When You Don’t Feel Your Best
Show Notes

Welcome to Season 5 of Edge of the Couch. For this season, every episode will focus on a topic requested by listeners. In this episode, we discuss something that every therapist will inevitably face at some point in their career: how to show up for sessions when you're not feeling your best. Whether it's due to illness, a family emergency, a breakup, burnout, chronic pain, or depression, we understand the struggle of having to be "on" when you're dealing with personal issues outside of work. Here, we share personal stories, encouragement, and insights we hope will support you in navigating being a therapist through the ups and downs of being a human in this world.

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