Edge of the Couch

Finding Levity in Therapy

April 19, 2023 Jordan Pickell and Alison McCleary Season 5 Episode 6
Edge of the Couch
Finding Levity in Therapy
Show Notes

Lots of the conversations about being a therapist are heavy and that’s simply the nature of the work. We know that and we love being in the heaviness. But therapy isn’t all heaviness. As therapists, we share many moments with our clients that are sunny and joy-filled, too. This week’s episode is all about lightness, fun, and silliness being used as intentional tools in the therapy space. We explore how to use humour in sessions to deepen relationship, facilitate “coming up for air”, and because, at the end of the day, therapist and client are two real people in a room sharing an energy and sometimes stuff is just very funny. Laughter can be healing. A shared joke can make a client feel truly seen. Being silly can invite client’s to also lean into their child-like silliness. Laughing when a client makes a zinger can be such a gift!

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