Edge of the Couch

Sitting with Grieving Clients

May 31, 2023 Season 5 Episode 12
Edge of the Couch
Sitting with Grieving Clients
Show Notes

Grief and loss are inevitable parts of therapeutic work. Clients' pain (or anger or confusion) is sometimes so big and it can feel delicate for new therapists to know how to hold all of the bigness. Many programs don’t prepare new therapists for how to support clients who have experienced a significant loss. We know that new and seasoned therapists alike have moments of "What do I do here??". We discuss the myth of stages of grief, the importance of psychoeducation, how clients can feel devastated by the loss of someone with whom they have a parasocial relationship, and how there are no right or wrong ways to grieve.

Alison McCleary
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Jordan Pickell
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Edge of the Couch
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